Detroit Lakes United Methodist Church
Monday, July 15, 2019
Following an 18-month time of  study and development, a Governance Task Force is recommending a change to the DLUMC Governance (Church Council)  structure. This page on our website is a brief explanation that highlights the reasons for change and the proposed structure. Task Force team members will be hosting two congregation Town Hall meetings (July 15 and July 29, both Sundays and both beginning at 9:15AM) to explain the changes and answer questions. A congregational vote will be taken Sunday, August 5, at 9:15AM. The two sessions on July 15 and July 29 will be identical but members are free to attend both as they wish.
Current situation
21 member Council is quite unwieldy for decision-making.
Current format created by the UMC Book of Discipline in the 1950’s.
Served well for decades but not as workable for current planning purposes.
Reasons for change
Smaller decision-making core group (5-9 members considered ideal size)
Fewer people interested in meetings preferring more hands-on contributions.
Parents with children in sports activities have limited time for ongoing meetings.
More retirees leaving in wintertime. Not available for year-round leadership.
Present Council Structure
21 members
Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Ministry Coordinator, Youth Coordinator, Faith Quest Director, Staff Parish Relations, United Methodist Women, Missions, Worship, Endowment, Finance, Memorials, Lay Leader, Financial Secretary, Trustees, Annual Conference representative, Memorial Garden, Two At-Large, Vision Team.
Council Meeting Attendance
In the current structure design, all committee chairs are expected to attend every council meeting.
In the proposed design, any given committee chair would attend only those Council meetings when the committee chair had a specific item requiring action by the Council.
Proposed structure
9 Members
Council Chair
Lay Leader
Two At-Large
Ministry Coordinator
Annual Council timeline
Monthly Council meetings (open to all)
Executive Council meetings as needed (closed)
Fiscal year remains January 1 through December 31
     —New Council members begin
     —Program Year begins
     —Congregational Town Hall meeting
Congregational Town Hall Meeting
Evaluation of yearly programming.
Timeline for change
   May 2018 Reviewed & approved by District Superintendent
June 19: Presentation to Council
June 26: Council review and vote. Approved by council.
July 15, July 29: Presentation to Congregation
August 5: Congregational vote
October XX: If approved by congregation, first meeting of new council
Contact Doug Schultz, Rod Nord, Rhoda Hooper, or Pastor Brenda